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Open Air Footwear by KEEN Review - by the Ocean

Open Air Footwear by KEEN - Reviewed by John

As someone who has sailed for years, and has always worn traditional boat shoes, I was a little skeptical upon first looking at the OpenAir Footwear by KEEN that they would be able to live up to the job. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised and in fact, I have found them to be better suited in some instances to sailing on my yacht!  

Particularly on warm days, the shoes are brilliant in that they let in a heap of air around your feet and toes. Traditional boat shoes can leave your feet sweaty when you'e sailing, a complete hazard when you're trying to hold your ground, so i was very impressed by the shoes ventilation. While I needed to scuff them a little upon first getting them, I was also really impressed by their ability to grip the deck and be a reliable shoe whilst sailing in competitions. 

Open Air Footwear by KEEN

In terms of appearance, I initally thought from looking at the shoes that they would be far too wide for my feet, but once you slip them on they are actually a really comfortable fit. They are really roomy and flexible, but still offer support which is essential when on the water - or even just for walking. 

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by my new OpenAir Footwear by KEEN and am permanently keeping them in a compartment on my boat for use in warmer weather.