Warranty FAQs

  1. Can I get my KEEN shoes re-soled?
  2. My KEEN shoes are way beyond their one year warranty but they need repair. Do you repair your footwear?
  3. Does KEEN offer replacement footbeds?
  4. Does KEEN offer replacement laces?

Although we would love to be able to re-sole our favorite KEEN shoes, the technology and construction we use on our outsoles does not permit us to replace them.

KEEN does not have a for-hire repair facility. If your shoes are beyond the warranty period we encourage you to find a reputable cobbler or shoe/gear repair service. Note you may have better results if inquiring with a local mountain or outdoor gear shop for repairs to KEEN sandals. Additionally, although our shoes cannot be re-soled, the uppers can usually be repaired depending on the nature of the issue. We recommend Shoe GOO as a great repair option for the tread or outsole. This product works well since it applies like an adhesive and cures to the consistency of rubber, with all the inherent wear properties of rubber. Regarding seam issues, outdoor gear shops often have repair facilities or can offer a suitable referral.

We currently have a small range of KEEN footbeds available. Please contact keen@plg.com.au with an email regarding which size you require and we will be in touch with you.

It may help to clean your current insoles; just remove them from the shoes and soak them in warm water with a mild detergent, gently scrubbing with a soft brush or washcloth. Try some tea tree essential oil, a non-allergenic natural antiseptic, rubbed into the dry insole.

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace styles other than bungee lace styles. We recommend purchasing after-market laces at your local dealer or shoe repair shop.