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Welcome to the world of Open Air Footwear, where it's all about blue
sky thinking for blue sky living. You might say "huh?" when
you see 'em, but you'll say "ahhh!" when you try 'em on.

Innovation It's in our DNA

Created from two cords and sole, Open Air Footwear offers an entirely new approach to footwear construction. Every aspect of the design complements the natural shape of your foot... and your friend's foot... and their friend's foot. Why? Because this simple elegance promises a one-of-a-kind fit. Open Air Footwear is, well, unique.

There's unique... And then there's "Open Air Footwear unique." It's a little bit of "I'll try anything" and a whole 'lotta "how you doing?" It's an open air footwear movement. So go ahead, step outta your comfort zone... comfortably.